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Life Illuminated

What would it look like to look forward to each new day feeling excited about what you might invent or create? Welcome to the Life Illuminated Podcast! We look forward to sharing engaging interviews and content that will inspire you to reignite your life. This podcast is designed to support you in uncovering, discovering and discarding the limiting beliefs and roadblock that keep you stuck so you can reawaken and reconnect to your innermost dreams and desires and begin to live the life you envisioned. Personally resonate with the conversations about how others have shifted their way of being and stopped them from living a Life Illuminated! Interspersed with interviews, Maggie shares her wisdom, strength and hope to inspire you to shift your own life and live from a place of meaning, purpose and joy.

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May 31, 2018

Maggie discusses the notion that awareness creates the opportunity for choice with Kristen Hobby, Spiritual Director, author and meditation instructor. Kristen reminds us how important it is to find those little moments in our day to reconnect to ourselves. 

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May 21, 2018

Lani Kamauu Yamasaki is a Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner in the healing arts. As a 30 year business consultant and mentor, she helps socially conscious Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and organizations increase their company profile, give back to the environment and enhance community wellness through...

May 14, 2018

Join Meditation and Spiritual Teacher Maggie Kelly as she takes you on a journey toward living a life illuminated.

Maggie interviews people like you and me who share their provocative and insightful stories about surmounting life's challenges, unexpected twists and turns and triumphs over tragedy. Interspersed with...