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Life Illuminated

What would it look like to look forward to each new day feeling excited about what you might invent or create? Welcome to the Life Illuminated Podcast! We look forward to sharing engaging interviews and content that will inspire you to reignite your life. This podcast is designed to support you in uncovering, discovering and discarding the limiting beliefs and roadblock that keep you stuck so you can reawaken and reconnect to your innermost dreams and desires and begin to live the life you envisioned. Personally resonate with the conversations about how others have shifted their way of being and stopped them from living a Life Illuminated! Interspersed with interviews, Maggie shares her wisdom, strength and hope to inspire you to shift your own life and live from a place of meaning, purpose and joy.

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Aug 16, 2018

In this day of Google searches for quick answers to any question we ever have, Maggie cautions us not to get hooked into believing that we can become enlightened in one fell swoop. 

How does meditation relate to yoga? Maggie gives us a little insight into the ancient Vedic wisdom from which the Eight Limbs of Yoga were born. She expresses her concern for the possibility that meditation will ultimately become the West's next fad as yoga seems to have become. She cautions listeners to investigate from whom they are learning their meditation practice from in an effort to maintain the purity of these beautiful ancient traditions and not allow the essence of them to become diluted in our fast food society.

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